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Term plan premiums

A number of people have asked me what the premiums are plain term plans offered by various companies. Here’s the figures I’ve collated:


Age: 31 years (30 yr term)

Age: 40 years (15 yr term)

Reliance Life



SBI life

4709 (25 years term max)


Prudential ICICI




5250 (29 years term max)


HDFC Standard



OM Kotak (non smoker)




6133 (25 years term max)



1) For Age 31: the values are for a sum assured of Rs. 15 Lakhs, for a 30 year term.

2) For Age 40: the values are for a sum assured of Rs. 15 Lakhs, for a 15 year term.

3) Some companies don’t offer a 30 year term (mentioned in brackets) and therefore are not strictly comparable.

4) Disclaimer: All values are from the online premium calculators in these companies’ web sites. Nothing above is guaranteed, and I am not an agent or representative of these companies. The values may change with time, so there is no assurance of accuracy either.

5) Extra Service Tax + Cess may be applicable. Please confirm before you buy a policy.

For an age of 31 (my age): HDFC Standard seems to be very good value. (Don’t consider the smaller term plans)

For an age of 40: OM Kotak seems to be the cheapest.

  • Anonymous says:

    please add LIC – Amulya Jeevan
    which is 35 years policy and for SA of 2500000 adn above.

    For 30 year premium works out:
    Yearly: 10,625.00
    Half yearly: 5,419.00
    Single : 1,54,100.00

    Hows that instead of 20-30 years timefrmae and with larger SA at just little extra premium

    Sachin Katariya

  • Deepak Shenoy says:


    LIC – I have added Anmol Jeevan (Because the sum assured was 15 lakhs, and Amulya Jeevan has a minimum of 25 lakhs) The premium is displayed above.

    I think if you compared all the insurance companies with the same data (25 lakhs s.a., 30 years premium, 30 year old person today) you will find that LIC is quite expensive. I pay Rs. 10,000 for my Reliance Life Insurance policy, bought when I was thirty – sum assured was 30 lakhs.

  • Anonymous says:

    Typos from my side:

    For 30 year old and with tenure of 35 years on SA of 25 Lacks, premium works out:
    Yearly: 10,625.00
    Half yearly: 5,419.00
    Single : 1,54,100.00

    Sachin Katariya

  • kunal savarkar says:

    >i am about to buy a amulya jeevan policy of 25 Lacs for a term of 25 years. i am 34. the premium is higher than all others.

    i beleive there is a critical illness add on included in the policy.

    also i am more convinced that LIC will pay up- as opposed to the private players- what if they go bankrupt. the indian govt will not allow that to happen to LIC. am i partially right in this evaluation of the next 25 years?

    kunal savarkar

  • Anonymous says:


    Any comments or analysis done on Medical Insurance policy like MEDICLAIM offered by different insurance companies.


  • Anonymous says:

    >Since insurance is planned for future it must be 100% guaranteed without any problems. LIC is the best option even if the premium is bit higher. After having experience from others regarding private players. LIC is the best for insurance

  • Siva says:

    >You All are right.. LIC is the best choice and HDFC comes next.

    Don't ever go with ICICI and Reliance.. They are big corporate looters. I am holding a policy with ICICI and their customer service is the best example of stupidity.

  • CJ says:

    Hi Deepak,
    Off lately you have not updated the premiums.
    Currently Aviva i-Life is the cheapest term plan online.. What’s your take on i-Life?