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Investments. Period.

Welcome to my new blog. I’ve started this blog for information on:

  • Investments
  • Tax issues
  • Stock market stuff

This is going to be very India specific so don’t expect ticker symbols and all that jazz. What we’re going to do is to analyze investment ideas for long term gains. Note: Long Term Gains. I’m not really looking at insider theories, MACD or other technical trivia, or anything that I can’t logically understand. I’m leaving comments on, and I’ll be creating site links from time to time. Send me information or ask me stuff. I’m not a very rich guy. Just planning to get there. So take all advise with a pinch of salt!

  • Yasmeen says:

    >You asked to comment.

    Here’s what I have to say:
    Great Job Deepak. Neat BLog. I like the content and the style!

    I have been investing mainly in equity and I find the tax implications quite ok. I haven’t tried any mutual funds and do some (very little) insurance only for some tax saving and some risk coverage.

    How I look at my equity investmentst – Theres only so much that is tax exempt so I’d rather play my money on equity, pay tax and be done – anything i miss in thinking this way? – esp since I also wont tear my hair over it if it all crashes.

    What I have to ask:
    a) What benefits do mutual funds offer over equity investing – other than being somewhat low risk? Is their any tax saving or anything else?

    b. Also I am keen on looking at getting a house (for my parents)and some land (mostly for our non-profit work) – And since you manage your existing real estate assets – some information on profitability, current prices and such like would be what I would like – I wonder if this is a good market at all to buy???- if you have some answers and predictions…

    ( I not only will take it with a pinch of salt I will also take only what I want and leave the rest.)

    Once again very good work – I am sure this will induce people to address their investments and perhaps also some seasoned investors will comment.